Where you have doubts about yourself and feel unseen, you’re going to lean! No longer a hole in the donut, you’re going to see the Father has been! An exchange has taken place! You’re worthy to receive! God’s not holding out on you, he wants to give you what you need!

You’re going to see YOUR miracle in the night! YOUR breakthrough tonight! It was an exchange that took place when Jesus did bleed. He bled out for you, he gave it all for you! A covenant is an exchange of person’s can you see?

It’s not a contract that’s based upon contractual obligations, the miracle maker has been! FAITH is your trump card! Faith has positioned you! Faith is yours to believe! You are SO worth it!

Where you learned to receive love from human relationships through your efforts and what you did or didn’t do, where you find it easy to believe for others but struggle to hold onto promises for you.. LOVE LEADS…

You’re going to step in queen! Into the FULLNESS of what Daddy has for you as you lean.

“Lean on Me and miracles you shall see,” says the King of Glory!

You’re unique! You’re a winner! You’re a catalyst indeed! One who knows their TRUMP card is in the ONE who gave it all, JESUS who did bleed! His precious blood is enough!

It’s YOUR time to receive miracles indeed! Not only for Salvation, but for all the promises God has stored up for you indeed! HE is a a GOOD GOOD FATHER! He sees your need! He sees your heart when it feels weary and out of hope indeed!

“You’re going to live a LONG AND FULL life as you lean on Me,” says the King of Glory!

Your miracle is on the way! Faith to believe is yours this day! You walk with the Miracle maker and he’s got you, YOU’RE in his sights all the way! It’s time to TAP in like Sarah did! Past the age of child bearing and having been a nasty piece of work towards Hagar. Sarah tapped in amid her lack, her anguish and her past failings and received!

The Covenant the Father and Son have cut is based upon their efforts on your behalf, not yours, can you see? An exchange of persons is what you HAVE received! This is HOW you can receive! Your miracle is on the way, because you’re SO LOVED, it’s time to believe!

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