When you get tired rest. When you feel like cashing it in, decree the Word and next level breakthrough you will see! The strength to hold the line, the sight to see what’s right! Wisdom in the night!

In the times where it seems like ‘reason’, in the times you’re tired from holding the line, this is the time to DECREE the Word and watch the Spirit ignite!

You are not going to die if you fly! You’re not going to be taken out by some random sickness or fear, or lack, or your family in the night!

You’re going to see breakthrough and what’s right!

It’s not time to pivot by cashing in your calling, your purpose, it’s time to hold tight! KEEP MOVING FORWARD! Angels are with you amid the fight!

Fast for focus! Focus on feeding yourself through courses, through classes, through tools! Listen to blogs, plug into a workshop! Invest in your spiritual life and you’ll gain insight!

It’s time to RAISE expectation! It’s time to SOW in the night! No more crumbs, no more expecting a magic wand! As you raise your expectation, dare to believe and decree the WORD with FAITH in your heart, you’re going to move forward in the night!

The SPIRIT of GOD shall ignite!! You are heaven’s delight! It’s time to take flight!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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