No more yawn, no more torn! It’s YOUR year for breakthrough! There’s a NEW DAY dawning! Many of the lies spoken over you have been exposed for what they are in the light! That religious stronghold that held you in the night! The shame, the blame, the guilt, the sense of nothing right!

It can be difficult to see clear when the lies you hear come from significant others in your life. When you’ve invested your heart and soul, trusting tradition and culture and what the status quo says is right. The light has come, a new day has dawned, you are free to run!

No longer held back or held down by fear of failure, fear of not enough! You are dearly LOVED! Blood washed, protected by angels from heaven above!

Religion is like acid, it eats you up! Some of you have experienced multiple layers of trauma and betrayal, you’ve experienced unhinged and angry in the night! Words and letters, threats day and night, weapons formed that have NOT prospered, you are free to take flight!!

Saul was a very angry unhinged individual, one who pursued David and God’s mercy dealt with Saul in the night. This spirit is rooted in rejection, and lack. Jealousy is a tool the enemy will use to keep you small, to usurp the call!

The LORD has spoken to hearts, the LORD has intervened! You must hold onto the TRUTH and NOT now settle in the dust! It’s over queen!

The weapons have been formed, but they have not prospered! Morning has broken, you are free to live and DREAM!

Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue.

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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