Where you feel underwhelmed by culture and tradition of man, be encouraged the breath of God is with you in your land! There’s a deep dive here for you tonight! Fresh encounter, fresh delight! Simple and true, the love of God poured out for you!

Keep moving forward with the little that’s in your hand. That meal for the neighbour, that pop in to “see if you’re alright!” The little things, these are the BIG things, as God breathes on the work of your hands tonight!

It’s the JESUS MODEL the world needs tonight! You are his hands and feet and your kindness and love ARE making impact tonight!

The world is in a spin! It’s bought into a lie, always looking for the next big thing! The latest ministry.. the latest fad, how can you entertain me? It’s an illusion, a fantasy to chase after an external reality to make your heart glad!

The message GOD has for you is timeless and true! What your heart longs for is found at the Cross where Jesus settled the matter for you! Your purpose is to find satisfaction in his delight! Your bloodline, your heart, your time, Heaven has you on the line!

Walking with Daddy is simple as 1,2,3. Centred on the truth, you’re coming through! The Spirit of God here in your present for you! Love is meeting you here tonight! Contentment and deep rest! Gratitude as God has met you in the night! There is breakthrough for you tonight! In this honest, quiet space. A holy hush in place of rush.

Darling, you are fearfully and wonderfully made! The blood of Jesus was spilled and the Spirit of God has been poured out so you can be filled! Overflow is upon you tonight! In your coming and in your going, the presence of God is meeting you where you are tonight!

Praying for you! You’re not alone!

Psalm 37:4 TPT

“Find your delight and true pleasure in Yahweh, and he will give you what you desire the most.”

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