After 20 years, House of Hope Africa founders Michael and Christine Mesiti had the opportunity to touch base here in Perth with us this weekend! The backstory is mind blowing! Friend, NEVER underestimate the power of seeds sown, a kind gesture, a smile, crossing the road to give a glass of water to one!

Words from Michael and Christine’s heart..

“Stop for the one in front of you” was a phrase my wife coined when we experienced a truly horrific situation in a slum in Africa. It has become a mantra for us to live by as we serve those around us. It rings true in so many areas and seasons of life.

Veronica, you did this with us two decades ago circa 2003 ish when we worked as colleagues in child protection. You would engage in conversations, always smile and show us such joy in every situation. You invited us to a Recreation Centre and gave us a gift – a Bible.

Even though you knew I had NO interest in following this at all. Engaging in conversations was one thing, but actively pursuing God was another – and God wasn’t going to get my attention and I sure wasn’t going to buy in! But it didn’t stop you always showering us with joy!

Fast forward 10 plus years and in 2014 my wife and I sell up in Perth and follow a conviction filled passion and purpose the Lord puts in our heart to serve the most vulnerable of the most vulnerable in Africa.

From here, we co-founded House of Hope Africa. A NFP that provides intensive emergency support through to ongoing health and education to some of the most vulnerable communities in Zambia. Children, women and families.

Every seed grows and can multiply. We stop for the one that God places in front of us so we can try to emulate what Jesus did so well – love in action no matter what the situation.

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