The greatest gift you can bring God is your time! No matter your station or your financial position in life. Maybe you have little, maybe you have much? Many of you are walking through the process of re-building your lives after health battles, relationship breakdowns, prison time, identity fraud, religious dead works, jealously and competition which wiped out your fortunes in the night..

Money is important. Jesus spoke about it more than prayer in the Gospels.. in the context of faithful with little, faithful with much! Many of you have stewarded finances well. You’ve embraced Kingdom principles and created multiple income streams, invested and have a portfolio. The flip side of the coin is some have had a mid-life crisis and lost it all. Others have been ripped off by family members, some of you are loaded up with responsibilities and you’re literally treading water, when you see a post on money it makes you have a dizzy spell!

Money is a tool! God gives us wisdom and insight in how to manage our financial lives amid disparity, hardship, challenges and impossibilities in the night!! There’s always more than enough with God’s wisdom, presence and favour in the night! Shame around money doesn’t have to own you tonight! You’re going to come up trumps and see clearly now, time and money are yours, you’re going to soar!!

Money is a tool. You can be a bank manager who stewards the banks money well. In your personal life, your finances aren’t that swell. It all comes back to identity, emotional regulation, choices, perspective, principles and strongholds in your thinking around lack, and poverty around money. Culture can play a big part in it too. We’re not taught in school about appreciating assets, debt, and how to live within our means. We’re sold a lie that to live the dream means living with mountains of debt.. God has a better way yet!

At the end of the day, what’s important to you and what do you want? Many of you have time on your hands. You live simply and have no debt! Your time is GOLD! It’s the most precious currency! As you sow into others, follow the wind of the Spirit and keep moving forward, you’ll see provision for the vision and what you need in the area of finances to keep you living in your purpose and dream! Eyes on the bigger picture!

You’re going to receive fresh insight, download and Kingdom strategy around money tonight! GOD owns the dime and time, you’re in good hands as you seek his face tonight

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