Some of you feel like you are hobbling along, like you’re moving forward with dormancy in your personal life. The truth is, you’re carried on supernatural wings tonight!

It may not seem or feel like giant steps tonight, but each step forward is a victory tonight! You’re going to see your hearts desires fulfilled, it seems too good to be true, and you question “who on earth will partner with me in the zoo?”

I want to encourage you, it’s an illusion, the messy you feel inside, your mess is a message and messy is beautiful in heaven’s sight!

Daddy’s sees you queen!

There are many kings who feel unworthy in your sight. They feel they don’t measure up or that they’ll disappoint tonight! Others of you have had beau’s pursue you, they wanted what you carry, but don’t want you! God has protected you! You’re going see miracles in the night.

The dark night of soul, the times when all you’ve wanted to do was roll. Curled up, wanting to die. In these times the breath of God has given you strength as you’ve cried. You are a delight queen!

Your personal and your corporate anointing have already taken flight! Your station in life doesn’t qualify you queen. Your marital status doesn’t qualify you either, it’s as you lean.

“Lean on Me”, can you see?

There’s a soft landing for you tonight. You’re flying on supernatural wings tonight!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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