You’re going to get a phone call! Someone’s been praying for you tonight! Heaven’s got you, widow with the mite; you are heaven’s delight! An investor sees you, one with integrity, you’re going to see breakthrough tonight!

Religious strongholds broken off you tonight! Lack is off your back! It’s the story of the widow as Heavens’ favour is with you in the night. Your breakthrough is coming queen, simply lean!

Trust, carry on in your purpose in the night! God is on your side!! He has the capacity to speak to hearts; hand over your burdens, your life is in good hands tonight!

Your needs are seen, you can hand over false responsibility queen!

Many of you are used to having to go it alone, you’ve been let down by man, even by your own plans. Religion has told you you’re out and on your own! You whip yourself and feel like its ‘on me’ to make things right. Delivery is here tonight! There’s a soft landing for you tonight!

The widow and the mite, you’re going to find favour shine bright! Your ‘tonight’ may not be today or tomorrow but it will come, hand over the not knowing, the sorrow, the dung! The manipulation you’ve faced by the Pharisees who have tricked you and scorned you telling you are on your own tonight!

Trust is a must! Favour has found you tonight!

You’re going to get a phone call, “pick a house, you’re going to see a spouse!”

What’s in your hand you can sow tonight? It’s not about the penny, it’s not about the mite! It’s about your heart following God’s fire tonight!

Loved much, you’re empowered to love much! Taking flight in destiny tonight! You may feel like the widow with the mite, but favour with God has found you in the night! Carry on queen, you are seen, you are cared for and heaven’s leading the way through the dark tonight!

Mark 12:38-44 TPT

Jesus Warns Against the Religious Scholars

V38-40 Jesus also taught the people, “Beware of the religious scholars. They love to parade around in their clergy robes and be greeted with respect on the street. They crave to be made the leaders of synagogue councils and they push their way to the head of the table at banquets. For appearances sake, they will pray long religious prayers at the homes of widows for an offering, cheating them out of their livelihood. Beware of them all, for they will one day be stripped of honour, and the judgement they receive will be severe. (Footnotes by translator- The implied meaning of Jesus’ teaching is that we should choose carefully those we follow. The religious scholars are not rebuked for their plans to crucify Jesus, but for their flawed character.)

The Widow’s Offering

V41-44 “Then he sat down near the offering box, watching all the people dropping in their coins. Many of the rich would put in very large sums, but a destitute widow walked up and dropped in two small copper coins, worth less than a penny. Jesus called his disciples to gather around and said to them, “ I tell you the truth, this poor widow has given a larger offering than any of the wealthy. For the rich only gave out of their surplus, but she sacrificed out of her poverty and gave to God all that she had to live on, which was everything she had.”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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