Where you’ve faced shame and disgrace, where you’ve felt out for the count along the way. With confusion and fog and where its been seeming delay you’ve met along the way, you’re going to see something good is on the way!

God is with you friend! You are seen! You can lean..

You’re going to receive reprieve and retrieve. A fresh start. New beginnings. A clean slate. The dust has settled and the storm has passed. You have stood the test of time as God has kept you at last!

Something good is on the way today, you are covered, it’s done and it’s won! The battle has been fierce, but the light has won!

Isaiah 54:11-17 TPT

God Will Restore

“You unhappy one, storm-tossed and troubled, I am ready to rebuild you with precious stones and embed your foundation with sapphires. I will make your towers of rubies, your gates of sparkling jewels, and all your walls of precious, delightful stones. All your children will be taught by Yahweh, and great will be their peace and prosperity. You will be established in righteousness. Oppression- be far from them! Fear- be far from them! Yes, terror will not come near you, nor will you be afraid. If anyone dares to stir up strife against you, it is not from me! Those who challenge you will go down in defeat! See, I am the one who created the craftsman who fans the coals into a fire and forges a weapon fit for its purpose, and I am the one who created the destroyer to destroy, But I promise you, no weapon meant to hurt you will succeed, and you will refute every accusing word spoken against you. This promise is the inheritance of Yahweh’s servants and their vindication is from me,” says Yahweh.

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