It opened here in Australia on Thursday and I was quite a train wreck after watching it! Deeply touched by the purpose and person of Christ in my life as I watched the movie hearing the stories of Lonnie, Chuck and Greg. Chuck’s story in particular touched my heart the most. He was wise, courageous and a good steward of finances as a man. Sowing into Greg’s life, he understood the importance of believing in Greg and the coin needed to fulfil the purpose. He stewarded the presence and person of Christ with such grace amid his own flaws and fears of the unknown. There’s secret sauce on the story and I can highly recommend you seeing it.

Earlier that day, I had been at one of the pop up booths with Heavenly Poetry book at the cinemas. An emerging writer was sharing her passion for writing, her partner suspicious and cautious of me, asking if the book I’ve written is new age!

“You can’t argue with an experience”, as Chuck said to Josiah; Time Magazine reporter in the film.

Fast forward today-WE, have a timeless message with masses to reach! Media is a modern day highway to the Way! YOU have a voice and a place to stop for the one, do you see?

With all my heart, I believe we are living in the most relevant, most exciting days! It’s a GRASSROOTS movement as souls are encountering LOVE! The harvest is white friends, but the labourers are few. Few are called because few chose to be called. It’s offensive to religion. However, the Gospel is for ALL. It’s so simple- not simplistic. Full of power in this hour as God’s love is ready and able to meet each one!

Go see the movie, be inspired, strengthened and moved to action as you continue to let the fire of God be a conduit in your hands!

Heavenly Poetry Book is gaining momentum, we are set for launch on 25th April. THANK YOU to the faithful ones who sow into me. Your seed has enabled me to publish this book and to work on this project across the globe for many.. Your faithfulness is seen queen!

School holidays come to a close next week, I’ll be back in the chair with a live broadcast, we are praying into that for you with Amie Rogers on the line too.

Be encouraged today, as you PRAY and stop for the one; in your congregation, on your platform, in your town, village, supermarket, paddock; eyes open for each one.. then all who want to, will encounter LOVE!

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