Fear, intimidation and the invisible brick no longer holds you sick! You’re going to breakthrough from what cemented you! Heaven’s transfer is here! It’s time to hand it over and see miracles in the air! You’re going to fly and not die! You’re going to breakthrough with favour and see miracles amid the nigh!

The power of love has won, love has come! Yes, there’s work to be done! More will come! The limitation from intimidation shall no longer hold you son! Limited beliefs, fear and the lack, it’s behind your back!

Just like Mack in the Shack, wisdom has come!

Love says,

“More is in store! My power is your door. Meek, you’re not weak! Hand it over, you shall see miracles come!”

Heaven’s transfer is with you on the run! FUN! Light as a feather and the ability to weather! Storms will come and storms will go, winters never last son!

In this season you’re going to no longer reason! “I want to go, but oh? What if? What so?” Locked and loaded you shall go! Full of power in this hour, empowered to run in heavens’ GO! Your strength is found in your intimacy son! The King of Glory with you amid doubt, dread, fear and worry you shall breakthrough it all son! The sound of Heaven upon you as you run!

God is drawing you. Back to the core. The calling involves partnership. It’s a dance of trust son! Everything you’ve walked through has been a SET UP son. That’s the nature of God. Mercy sees. Mercy’s kiss with you on the run.

There’s a heavenly transfer taking place as you hand it over and receive peace in place of ‘me’. (Feeling like you’re not enough, not ready, comparison to others as you run). You shall experience The Prince of Peace as you follow the wind of the Spirit! From tradition, fear of man, fear of lack, fear of who’s going to knife me in my back? You are SAFE son! It’s time to come!

You haven’t missed it! Your mess has become a message son! KINDNESS is with you as you run!

Jesus came into Jerusalem on a donkey. In the face of all, he demonstrated meekness son. That’s the power of love. He identified with us at our worst, so we could identity with him at his best! Your religious background has not won! The judgement and fear you operated under has not won. The stone throwing and the high mind has not won. Mercy’s kiss is with you son!!!

It’s time NOW to come! To step up to the plate, you are not late! You’re going to be blessed with abundance, with provision, with 2 by 2 and the capacity to steward well son!

The spirit of intimidation and fear has not won! With your mind made up miracles shall come!

2 Timothy 1:1-10 TPT

“From Paul, an apostle of Jesus the Messiah, appointed by Gods’ pleasure to announce the wonderful promise of life found in Jesus, the anointed Messiah. My beloved son, I pray for a greater release of God’s grace, love, and total well-being to flow into your life from God our Father and from our Lord Jesus Christ! You know that I’ve been called to serve the God of my fathers with a clean conscience. Night and day I pray constantly for you, building a memorial for you with my prayers. I know that you have wept for me, your spiritual father, and your tears are dear to me. I can’t wait to see you again! I’m filled with joy as I think of your strong faith that was passed down through your family line. It began with your grandmother Lois, who passed int on to your dear mother, Eunice. And it’s clear that you too are following in the footsteps of godly example.

I’m writing to encourage you to fan into a flame and rekindle the fire of the spiritual gift God imparted to you when I laid my hands upon you. For God will never give you the spirit of fear, but the Holy Spirit who gives you mighty power, love, and self-control. So never be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor be embarrassed over my imprisonment, but overcome every evil by the revelation of the power of God! He gave us resurrection life and drew us to himself by his holy calling on our lives. And it wasn’t because of any good we have done, but by his divine pleasure and marvellous grace that confirmed our union with the anointed Jesus, even before time began! This truth is now being unveiled by the revelation of the anointed Jesus, our life-giver, who has dismantled death, obliterating all its effect on our lives, and has manifested his immortal life in us by the gospel.”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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