There’s an invitation to step into more in this now time! Outrageous, unprecedented miracles in your line! Mind blowing stuff! Releasing you from the tough! Elevation to new levels that don’t attract new devils!
There’s nothing new under the son for the devil, Creator God has WON! Over your life, over your destiny, over the mess and the spice! Where you’ve experienced pain and lack and sorrow and shame that’s wanted to take you out of your tomorrow! Magnificent and True is with you! Because he first LOVED you!
You’re not dirty, a disgrace, you are his Queen! One who’s life was held in the balance and VICTORY came and WON! You are ONE! It’s time to come, to come up higher and expect MORE son. Miraculous breakthroughs that will blow your mind son! Grace has positioned you, you are free to come!
It’s time to run! With fresh fire and with fresh desire! No more sit and stew, no more hark back, ‘lack will do.’ You are so loved son! Wild, wonderful adventures are ahead for you! Tap in, TRUTH HAS WON! You’re going to receive miracles indeed. In places and in traces on the run. Partnerships of trust will come. Some in this season and some in time to come.
“Ask of Me, and I will give you what you need!”
What is it that you want son? From little things big things grow! Home is where the heart is and you are won! Heaven has come! Heaven has won! You are victorious here on earth on the run! Wisdom is with you, making all things new! You’re going to see VICTORY in housing, in relationships, in destiny on the run! You shall have fun! No more hark back and sunk!
Your dreams are bursting to life and you’re going to see the most enduring seasons of your life; the pain, the hardships, the prolonged difficulty were all a SET UP on the run! The timing of God is with you son!
You’re effective and not defective! You’re a great dispenser of light, one who’s been hard pressed on every side! Diamond, you shine bright!
Love makes it all worth while! Keep your eyes on the prize! Love has won! Eternity bells come!
“Ask of Me and miracles shall come!”
Wisdom works wonders as we invite heaven to come! Invite his counsel, invite the supernatural, his grace has come!
1 Kings Solomon Builds the Temple

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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