You are holy, you are clean!
Your new nature alive in the lean!
No longer dead, freely receive!
You are free! Worthy to receive!
He bore it all, so we can soar!
When we worship God in spirit and truth he meets us where we are!
Worshipping the One who’s worthy, receiving strength as his presence comes, we are won!
Beautiful Jesus’ sees you worthy and clean! Revelation Receive!
The presence of God lifts, guides, provides! He’s done it for us- he’s not driving us!
You’re released from the tough!
Connected to the vine, blessed to thrive!
Quiet rest comes upon revelation!
The Prince of Peace!
Rest has given you the best!
You’re blessed to be a blessing, nothing less!
John 19:28-30 TPT
Jesus’ Death on the Cross
“Jesus knew that his mission was accomplished, and to fulfil the Scripture, Jesus said: “I am thirsty.” A jar of sour wine was sitting nearby, so they soaked a sponge with it and put it on the stalk of hyssop and raised it to his lips. When he had sipped the sour wine, he said, “It is finished, my bride!” Then he bowed his head and surrendered his spirit to God.
V30 Translator Footnote: Although the completed work of salvation was finished on the cross, he continues to work through his church today to extend God’s kingdom realm on the earth and glorify the Father through us. He continues to work in us to accomplish all that his cross and resurrection have purchased for us, his bride. His cross fulfilled and finished the prophecies of the Messiah’s first coming to the earth. There was nothing written that was not fulfilled and now offered to his bride.

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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