You’re going to break free in 2023! You’re walking in legacy!

“Succession is in My hand!” says the King of glory! “You’re a warrior, a leader, a wrecking ball in My hand!”

Where the enemy has come to have a field day, you are my lightening rod queen! Disarming and true, Mercy’s Kiss has brought many souls through, as the Spirit of God has partnered with you! Where you’ve sat with couples, families and hearts on the brink. Many in the lean, Mercy’s Kiss has kept them as you’ve sown your time indeed!

In this now season, where thoughts of tradition and culture have seemingly held you back, you shall no longer see lack! Breakthrough is upon you!! You’re bringing MANY with you, 2 by 2! The breath of God multiplying as you do!

“Lean on Me, grey-hair, you are My dream! The pressure value has been released! You are free from the burden of false responsibility!”

Many of you are going to get your second, third and fourth wind! You’re going up a gear and it won’t be rip or tare!

“Your times are in My hand, legacy and life are in your span! A peripheral view is upon you!”

Many in this season will rise again, resurrection power upon them in this hour! Led by the Spirit and the Word, they shall see other’s ignite!

The message remains, the methods change!

Your past season was one of much! It’s time to lay aside what you felt was failure in the dust…

“Succession is found in Me,” says the King of Glory! “You’re a champion in My hand, not a failure in the land!”

“Fresh perspective, fresh directive, fresh insight you shall see! I call you DESTINY, you are found in Me!”

It’s time to step up to the plate, you are NOT LATE! 2023 is YOUR year to get RE-FIRED, not RETIRED!

Your heart is free!

Hebrews 6:18-20 TPT

“So it is impossible for God to lie for we know that his promise and his vow will never change! And now we have run into his heart to hide ourselves in his faithfulness. This is where we find his strength and comfort, for he empowers us to seize what has already been established ahead of time- an unshakable hope! We have this certain hope like a strong, unbreakable anchor holding our souls to God himself. Our anchor of hope is fastened to the mercy seat in the heavenly realm beyond the sacred threshold, and where Jesus, our forerunner has gone in before us. He is now and forever our Priest like Melchizedek.”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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