Clear communication is key to relationship stability. I’ve seen this in business recently, in family recently, in my network recently and it’s all based around the ability to communicate clearly. When we communicate clearly, we’re able to convey our intentions, our perspective and what it is that we want. When we don’t communicate clearly through either a fear of man, or the lack of skills to articulate, or concerns about upsetting someones feelings, or triggering their sore point; or a low level capacity to deal with conflict, we tap out and miss out. As we clearly communicate our relationships are not left in a breach!
In the faith community, relationship issues can be categorised under spiritual terms in order to process what went wrong, when at times, it’s simply the ability to communicate that was the issue all along.

Covenant relationships are different to contractual relationships in terms of their purpose and function. Communication for the sustained success of both is vital. It’s one thing that I value highly! Open, honest, frank communication with a solution at its base, not a divisive case. Relationships take time! You can’t carry huge weight over a bridge without first establishing a bridge that can carry that weight. (truth in love)

There will always be people that are committed to misunderstanding you, because they aren’t your people. Mis-understanding you can come from different wants, desires, beliefs and the heart. Envy, jealousy, lack, feeling you have an alternative agenda, can confuse healthy relationships too. Just got to let people go. Each has their process, we’re all on a journey in this life. What’s meant for you will come back to you if it’s suppose to flow. (mutual consent- lets not stalk others friends).

Coming into alignment with confidence and capacity to be ourselves and to give of ourselves takes the process of time. Some, it’s a lifetime!

You may not be able to go deep with everyone, only some and that’s okay! We can still be a blessing to others as our lives pass! Letting go of unrealistic expectations of ourselves and other’s, takes the pressure off in interpersonal relationships, even if our ships have to pass.

Open ended questions and disarming communication are keys to walking in relational stability in life’s class!
So, here’s to good communication as we give ourselves grace for each other as we g

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