Circumstances may be screaming at you right now, mocking you, making you feel small, but the presence of God is with you amid the fall! You shall stand tall!

The Father of lies is no match for the Resurrected King! Go low into his presence and you shall miss every single blow!

“Make a demand on Me, I see! Justice and mercy are yours!” says the King of Glory.

The authority to decree through the sword is yours! The Word of God is your meat Queen! It’s time to decree!

Faith has positioned you, miracles, signs and wonders you shall see! Wastelands shall become waterways and impossible seas shall become your destiny!

It’s time to shake off doubts, discouragement, disparity! The King of Glory sees! Faith and patience are yours indeed! Active in the wait, you shall not be late!

Substance for this day, the Holy Spirit your help along the way!

“Call out to Me! Trade your weary and your teary, I give you reprieve. Many are coming into intimacy! Amid the monotonous and mundane you shall see Me, your everyday reality,” says the King of Glory.

Many shall believe and receive! The Goodness of God making them free! Eyes are opening, lives are coming into identity! The Holy Spirit your help,

“Call to Me!”

Your greatest fears, he knows them dear! Your congregation is coming into destiny! Your life has longevity! Your heart is beating with a fresh start! That stent will last! It’s time to decree! To step up to the plate again in 2023!

Alignment, assignment, fresh kisses indeed! Faith has positioned you Queen! It’s time to breathe! To receive mercy’s kiss indeed!

“Your life is in My hands, says the King of Glory. I see, I care, I feel you when you bleed. Miracles you shall experience indeed!”

Love is lightning your load, you’re not a toad in 2023!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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