You’re going to breakthrough in 2023 across new thresholds seeing the power of God ring true! The areas of your life with hope deferred thought patterns on cycles of repeat shall be under your feet! There’s a shift that’s swift! You’re coming through into all things new! No more unrequited love (one sided) you know how to give and receive from above!

No more harking back to the past, no more empty hoping, wishing, praying, faith has won the day! Positioned for breakthrough your best days ahead! Faith is matchless, above and beyond! The power of love is bringing you along! Love invites you into all things new! Washing away disappointment, despair and clearing the air! Where you’ve felt out for the count, in your personal life you shall experience more! No longer marked with shame, love has cleared your name! Those religious devils don’t hold you anymore! Shame, guilt, false judgement no longer shall you meet!

The mocking religious spirit with its heavy yolk, guilt and shame was pinned to Calvery in an exchange so you can soar! You are free to be and it’s time to receive!

You shall soar! Eagles wings are with you, making your ceiling your floor! He bore it all, so you can soar!

“Look to Me!” Says the King of Glory! “I see! I care! I have your affairs, come now, breathe in fresh air!”

Many of you are going to see breakthrough upon breakthrough as you KEEP MOVING FORWARD! It’s in the moving forward that the wheels get un-stuck. You are kept from above!

It’s not been easy, it’s been tough! You are strong, you are brave and you are free! The next generation sees!

“Come away My love, in 2023 you shall experience increase and more! My presence sustains you, your troubles shall become dust!”

Song of Songs 2:16
“My beloved is mine and I am his; he feeds his flock among the lilies”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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