You’re going to experience greater capacity in 2023 as you eat from the tree of LIFE and not the tree of strife! (Genesis 3) Eyes wide open, you’re going to see! Perspectives will shift as Holy Spirit lifts the lid!

“Greater capacity is found in Me, light and easy, you shall see!”

You’re going to see a bursting forth and INCREASE in the vine as you drink fresh wine! In the presence of your enemies you shall be fine! It’s time! Souls are coming into identity! Lives are encountering true LIFE! Where there’s previously been a stranglehold of false identity from the wrong tree, many shall be delivered in 2023!

You’re going to see a significant increase in your capacity! You’re going to move forward, bounce back, with an attitude that’s frank! One that sees, He is faithful and true, He ALWAYS comes through- no matter what you go THROUGH.

Honest and true your heart is bursting through! The mire and the clay you shall slay! Many will be stunned at the increase upon and around you as the Spirit of God breathes upon you speaking and ministering through you!

YOU ARE ONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO YIELD. Laying down cares and affairs, laying aside distractions, offence and the enemies tactics, you know how to drink!

“Come to Me” is heavens’s decree, you know Daddy sees!

In this season, in this time, you shall see miracles and be fine! No longer afraid of what the enemy throws at you, no longer caught in cycles of defeat, MIRACLES and increase you shall meet! Increase in capacity to steward, increase in capacity to create wealth, increase in capacity to carry on through, seeing other’s come into all things new!

It’s time! Time to dance, time to decree, in 2023 you shall see explosions of glory and eat fresh meat!

Psalm 55:22 TPT

“So here’s what I’ve learned through it all; leave all your cares and anxieties at the feet of the Lord, and measureless grace will strengthen you.”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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