As 2022 draws to a close, VICTORY is in the air! You’ve been set up for more! The presence, provision and power of God is with you in this hour! What the Spirit of God has for you involves increase! His perspective and involvement in your situation involves peace! You’re going to experience retrieve! What’s been stolen, held up, is coming through as you enter into increase and more in 2023!

You’re walking in destiny!

The purpose, the dreams, the alignments for your life shall not pass! The desires he’s placed in your heart shall come to pass! You deserve it all because He bore it all! You are worth it all! The shame, the pain, the guilt, it’s all dealt with, it’s not yours to carry, the Lamb of God was slain so you can soar!

It’s time to draw! To make a demand on his presence, his power and experience his roar as you soar! Presence, power, provision, it’s all yours!

You’re going to see upgrade, increase and more! Watch and see the lion roar as you make a demand on his power and draw!

Don’t look through natural eyes, everything you’re going through is to bring you into the new! You’ve been set up for more!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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