You’re going to defeat the giants in your land with what’s in your hand! The authority, the power and the confidence to walk free is your delegated decree! Peace is your portion! With peace you shall take out the enemy!

The eagle fly’s above the fray! Into the realm of glory high above the battle and wins the day! Peace is your portion queen! You rule and your reign in heaven’s name!

Triumphant and true you are coming through! All things new is upon you! Heaven’s decree is victory! Over your family, over your finances, over your destiny! The presence of God is your trump card! Triumphant and true you are coming through!

Anxious attachment no longer has a hold on you! What you went through, came through, lived through, is a testimony of God’s power and love upon you!!

You will not be taken out! You will not go down! You will not go under! You walk in heaven’s thunder! The power, the presence and the portion of God is upon you in this hour! God is giving you fresh eyes to see and you shall outrun your spiritual enemies on your knees!

Your heart is postured to the truth and your mind is made new! This is your hour, this is your time! You shall see release and reprieve from the tight squeeze! Every dollar, every cent shall be released! Every dime owed you shall know! God is making way so you can go! No longer held in noose, you are not a goose! It’s time to laugh, it’s time to decree! Victory you shall see!

We’re in a season of rise and build as God is preparing spouses, mates, together you’ll be great!

“Wait on Me, says the King of Glory! I give you peace, I give you life and longevity! The enemy has NO hold on you! You shall not die, you shall not be murdered, you are safe in Me! Fear not, My presence is suffice! With what’s been stolen, I am releasing a double portion over your life!”

2 Kings 5:20-27

Backstory- What you sow you will reap!

Gehazi, the servant of Elisha revealed his true character in the story of Naaman the Syrian whom Elisha cured of a skin disease. Elisha refused any reward, but Gehazi ran after Naaman to claim something for himself. He told Naaman that Elisha wanted a talent of silver and two changes of clothing for the needy. Because of his greed, lying and misuse of the prophetic office, Elisha cursed Gehazi with the same disease from which Naaman had been cured. (You will conquer Gehazi and come out trumps!!)

Note- In the New Covenant we are no longer under a curse! The blood of the Lamb is enough! It’s vital to rightly divide the Word as we read it. Is this passage speaking to believers or non believers? The point is, there are consequences to human behaviour and repentance looks like a change of heart and behaviour that follows as the love of God grips our heart! We have all been given a free will! Those of you dealing with unjust situations, disparity, theft, and your portion held back by greed will see the conquering King execute justice in your midst!!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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