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The wrap around presence of God is bringing you into all things new! Where you’ve experienced an emotionally stunted environment that’s been punitive and led to hidden addiction, lack of confidence and co-dependancy you’re now going to fly free! Your day of deliverance has come!

Many have come out of post traumatic stress, raised in post war days, lived on egg shells, had parents that had serious un- dealt with issues in their lives, but the truth is, this is your life! The Spirit of God isn’t taken by surprise! It’s time to rise! To shake off suspicion! To let go of cautious! You are called, you are protected, you are enough!

Many of you men, have been enslaved by your past and it’s time to walk free at last! To take the bull by the horns, to dig deep and see that you are free at last! Free to step up and take steps forward into more! More power, more love, more of the presence of God flowing through your life in this hour!

No longer strife! No longer hiding behind self preservation, you are Daddy’s delight! No longer will you be bound in your thinking to anxious attachment, perfectionist thinking and the lack of confidence to see yourself through Heaven’s eyes! As you do the inner work, seek out help, you’re going to live a long and fulfilled life! God is going to raise up the right partner to walk alongside of you! One who’s compassion and sensitivity will help you, you won’t fail, you won’t fall apart!

Humility is the key to living a life of peace, order and productivity! With a humble heart you will see God’s power flow through your life, never apart!

James 4:10 TPT

“Be willing to be made low before the Lord and he will exalt you!”

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