You’re on track friend. Truly, you are! Daddy is showing you signs along the way, little confirmations as you soar! You may feel bound by your current situation, but you are found! There’s been a changing of guard in this season and your time has come! Alignment as you run! You are on track, target and time. A diamond in Daddy’s hand. An arrow, not a target!!

The injustice, lack of honour and behaviour of the pathological liar is not going to be the end of you friend!! Remember this, the Kingdom of God is one of ORDER. God is not the author of chaos or confusion beloved, the enemy of your soul is.

It is well. You are swell. You’re going see breakthrough upon breakthrough as you continue to journey through. Keep going! What you tolerate is what will continue.. will you come? There’s an invitation to step into more, to soar! To move out, to move in! The dawn of a new day has come!

The lines may be blocked, unavailable or unreachable, but the God of turnaround has come! The boomerang is upon you beloved. You shall dance and have fun! It’s time for greater strength to come! As you rejoice in your heart for what the Spirit of God has done!! You haven’t missed it friend, you are right on time, on track and on target!

The power of love has come! Your turnaround is done!!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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