There’s a shift going on amid the stiff! You’ve taken steps to walk out of chaos, no longer bound by that door, you soar! This is a divine moment in time. You’re going to see order and walk forward into more! More of God’s best for your life, no longer bound by strife. Watch for swift, where there was once stiff!

Kingdom order is your door and everything you touch is bursting into more. The precious presence your door! The sustenance of his love is leading you into more. You’ve been kept all along and it’s time to hear Heaven’s song. The whispers of heaven leading into more! More encounter, more peace, more release!! You are not bound! False burden, false guilt, false accusation, every lie subside and die! You shall not die! Your best days are ahead! The enemy can’t stop you! Schemes and attempts on your life shall fail every-time! You are kept beloved. In the Father’s love. Don’t miss this moment, as you walk through the trials of life, you shall encounter life and more! The power of Love your door!

It’s time to expect God to release you into this new season! Keep moving forward!! You’ve entered a new dawn! Increase is upon you, you shall enter into more!

Proverbs 29:1-2, 8-9 TPT

“Stubborn people who repeatedly refuse to accept correction will suddenly be broken and never recover. Everyone rejoices when the lovers of God flourish, but the people groan when the wicked rise to power.”

You can’t argue with a fool
“Arrogant cynics love to pick fights, but the humble and wise love to pursue peace. There’s no use arguing with a fool, for his ranting and raving prevent you from making a case and settling the argument in a calm way.”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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