The wisdom of God is breathing upon hearts in this season, where there’s been a sense of failure, flaw and delay. Papa has overcome the world beloved. You are not late! The ways of the Kingdom of God are not of this world. Your life is a beautiful tapestry and messy is beautiful friend. The wrap around presence is your portion, your protection, the oxygen of Spirit filled life!

In this season, you’re going to find peace with your journey. Gratitude and deeper levels of peace shall rest upon you this week. Friend, time is linear, it’s a gift and one day in his presence is better than a thousand elsewhere! You’ll achieve more through active rest, through the wait, which seems great, friend you are not late…

In the mess, in the muck, amid the longing for more, HE is your door. Many of you are going to be blown away at how Heaven orchestrates your days, how HE pulls it all together beautifully… Continue on in a posture of humility, of awe and wonder! Deep rest is yours amid life’s seeming test.. you will see the enemy of your soul yawn.. (the Devil has no patience)

A little about my faith journey..

There’s a deep contentment in my heart as a writer, as a postie, wrapped in his timing, in his love. It wasn’t always like this..For years I strived for more, strived to have influence, strived to see a fulfilment of what His ‘more’ looked like for my life.. It was through coming to the end of myself, coming to a place of complete surrender, that I experienced the more.. friend, you are enough, you are made of the tough, you will come through this season, this time.. many are walking through process. All of life is process. It’s all about PERSPECTIVE. The world is looking for the next big thing!

Jesus stopped for the one.. the neighbour next door.

Love always leads into more.. more presence, more power, more strength as you soar! We’re created to find satisfaction in the lover of our soul! The very breath of LIFE!

Heaven is on the move, you shall see him remove the mountains of doubt, as you trust him beloved..
Jesus went off the beaten track to meet the woman at the well. Through that encounter, an entire village, region was reached! 2000 years later countless lives touched by mercy’s that stopped for the one..

Your children, your adopted children, your elderly neighbours, the politician next door.. these are the ones He came for.. in the trenches, in the sacrificial commitment of daily chores, daily responsibilities, he is present, he is LORD!

You have stolen his heart beloved.. time and eternity are in his hands..

Papa’s releasing the pressure valve. Giving you peace right where you are, right now..

Receive his kiss.
Receive his strength in the stent.
Receive his peace right here, this week.

You are not late friend, some of your best days are ahead..
You’re on his toes, he’s carrying you in this duo!

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