The delay has not been denial! You shall see an end to the pain of this trial! There’s an exponential increase in this NOW season! It’s going to be a September to remember!!

It’s a time of increase, it’s a time of celebration, it’s a time of harvest, it’s a time of yield, it’s God’s timing as you see the King in your field.

You were born for such a time as this!!

All you’ve walked through to date has prepared you for your mate! With ones and two’s you’re going to see breakthrough!

What was meant to harm you, what was meant for evil, El Shaddai (God Almighty) is intervening for your good!

JOY bells are ringing!! El Shaddai has made a way! Where you’ve seen disparity, where you’ve seen discouragement and deceit, in this NOW season you shall see retreat!

There’s a RETRIEVAL for many who have walked through upheaval! JUSTICE SHALL BE SEEN!! Battle after battle, you’ve dodged bullets! The KING of GLORY surrounds you with fire making your enemies toast!!!

You are a seasoned campaigner, a well oiled queen! One who knows how to rest and DREAM! When the world is falling apart at the seams, you are steadfast queen!! (Bride)

GOD has the seed!

In this NOW season, upgrade is upon you! This upgrade involves relationships, it involves ministries, it involves the timing and alignment of what GOD has prepared and Heaven has dreamed!

You shall see SWIFT JUSTICE QUEEN! It’s a matter of PURPOSE and this matter is CLOSED queen!

God’s protection is with you as you follow the LION and the LAMB as you dream!

“Souls are attached to your destiny and you shall run with My fire queen!”

Daughter of destiny you know how to TRUST and LEAN!

In the seasons and hours and times when it seemed like you were left for dead, where it seemed like you were hid, where you even feared for your life and dread, in this now season you shall come out of hiding FULLY ALIVE leading others into LIFE who are spiritually dead!

You’re going to see an outworking of alignment, assignment and upgrade that’s going to blow your mind!

You shall see what GOD has always said!
What GOD has always intended!
What GOD Almighty always meant!

You are beloved!
You are betrothed!
You are chosen!

It is a time to see the King in the field! You shall yield! In this season, the seed of your life, your drama, your dreams and all that’s gone into the ground shall NOW burst forth with a GLORIOUS SOUND! The entanglements of the past are free from you at last! This is a NEW season where God is doing a NEW thing!

It is time to sing!
It’s time to declare!
It’s time to decree!
It’s time to dance!

Increase is upon you in 2022! You’re going to be blown away at how GOD comes through! Those religious devils have lost influence! He qualifies you! He’s not done with you! HE makes all things new!

John 12:24 TPT “Let me make this clear. A single grain of wheat will never be more than a single grain of wheat unless it drops into the ground and dies. Because then it sprouts and produces a great harvest of wheat- all because one grain died.”

Footnotes- The “ one grain” is Jesus Christ, who will “ drop” into the ground as a grain of wheat and bring forth a great “ harvest” of “seeds”. This parable given to Phillip and Andrew was meant to be Jesus’ reply to the request by the non-Jewish seekers to see Jesus. Christ’s answer? “They will see me through you. As you follow me, you will also experience the dying and birthing experience.” The harvest among the nations will come when we follow Jesus where he goes.

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