“With perspective shift, you shall not drift! God’s victory shall be seen! Over your destiny, over your life! You shall rule and reign victorious in My name!”

God is preserving your life! You have a purpose call and its time to stand tall! Stay the process! You are precious, you are protected, you are kept in the Father’s love!

Integrity is going to be the catalyst to deliver those around you queen! Double fruitfulness shall be seen!

Your Manasseh and Ephraim shall be found! Genesis 41:51 “God has made me forget all my troubles from my parental home. God has made me fruitful in the land of my suffering.”

You shall walk in double blessing queen!

What is it the Spirit of God is asking you to lay aside?

Culture, traditions, process, jealous ones? Lay it down, the hardship, the process, the difficulty, it all. God will meet you as you call!

Heaven is more than able to intervene through your decree!

Don’t give up! Don’t take second best! Don’t roll over and die! With a perspective shift, you shall stand tall!

Fear wants to wipe the smile off you face, but with God you shall triumph, walk in deliverance and thrive!!

2 by 2 in 2022, the presence and favour of God is with you!

The cry of your heart is,

“I love you Lord!”

Daddy says,

“Feed My sheep, it keeps you from falling asleep!”

Singles, trust the process, stay true to the call!

God is raising up your purpose partner! You’re not a clown! You don’t need to run all over town, you wear the victor’s crown!

Keep pursuing his presence, keep moving forward in his purpose! You’re going to see the favour of God bring everything beautifully together! Stay in your lane! 2 by 2 you shall rule and reign! Heaven knows your name!

“My breakthrough is your breakthrough!”

The fellowship of Heaven is with you! God’s victory shall be seen in your life and in your town!! Honour is the key to breakthrough, it’s a gift dear! Lay aside fear! Your oppressors aren’t that powerful dear! With clean hands and a pure heart you shall rule and reign releasing Heaven again and again! God is all powerful and you walk humbly in his name!

Those who feel you’ve lost laser focus through the fall, you shall fulfil the call! God is with you in the middle, his eye is on you and he’s got you in the small! You shall rise and not stall!

In the season where it’s been a dark tunnel and you can’t seem to hear the voice of God as circumstances have been screaming loud, you’re going to encounter fresh sound and re-bound!

A culture of honour and mercy kisses are with you as you run your race! You’re on the road to victory, kept in heaven’s sound! The presence of God is with you! His favour has you found! You are righteous, you are found.

God is more than able to recover all when you call! Through your decree, Heaven’s authority shall be seen and you shall stand tall!

“Eyes on Me, you’re going to see victory! I am the author of it all!”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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