You’re going to come into the unseen amid the lean and in-between as you sow queen! Your situation and circumstances and the enemy’s camp may be screaming! Failure, fraud! Where is my Lord? Faith sees you queen!

Where the fulfilment of your hearts desire is unseen, faith sees! Where you feel afraid to be seen because of your vulnerability in the in-between, faith sees!

Faith sees you queen!

Heaven is calling you up higher! You shall not die! Where it seems you’re hedged in on all sides, with frays at the seams, God sees!

The right alignments are coming queen! It’s not a time (or any time) to cash in your inheritance for a pot of stew! You’re more than a pretty face, a hot dinner or a partner in the bedroom!

You are a pioneer dear! One who’s life has purpose through union with Christ! He has stated your claim, and He’s given you a new name! You’re destined to reign! Not live in poverty or be treated like a slave! Before you were even born, God gave you your destiny! That we would fulfil the plan of God who always accomplishes every purpose and plan on his heart! (Ephesians 1:11 TPT)

You have been appointed an inheritance!!

Trust the timing and the alignment in his span! No more shame face, the past is no longer relevant in His name!

Where you don’t know how to move forward because of circumstance, responsibilities, faith sees! Hold the line queen! You are seen!

Faith has the capacity to bring you what you need! It’s time to yield! To become a generous receiver and you’re going to reel! You’re going to be blown away at the alignments Heaven brings your way! 2 by 2 in 2022! Faith sees!

Provision, land and multiple streams in the land! Faith sees! The widow with the mite, the prostitute in the night! The least, the last, the lonely are in Gods sight!

His presence sustains you in the land! You’re in his hand! Deeper levels are a must as you trust! Sow the pain, sow the unfulfilled areas of your life and see God seal the drain! The isolation, and the pain is no match for Heaven’s rain! He loves you too much to leave you the same!

Castles in the sand, God will give you land! You wear his band! Legacy starts with you! 2 by 2 in 2022! His presence is leading you!

Stick to the basics, sow the little that you have, your talent and your time and keep trusting God in your line!

“Fulfilment in Me, I see”, says the King of Glory!

Promises not seen, shall be seen as a perspective shift is seen!

He’s lifting you up queen! Pioneers stand tall!

“The precedent is in Me”, says the King of Glory!

Don’t underestimate the small! Your purpose is in the call! Some of you are like the widow with the might, giving lavishly amid the tight!

Rahab was courageous and bold, yet unseen in the night! God is preserving you! You are his delight! There’s a specific call and timing is attached to the fulfilment of the call! God is in the detail and he’s working through the small!

Be careful little ears what you hear, be careful little eyes what you see!

“Sow your time in Me, invest in Me!” says the King of Glory!

Write, pray, trust, sow! Then you shall see oil flow!

Ask the Holy Spirit to give you laser focus and the discipline and desire to follow through with the little that’s in your hand. Those purpose projects that impact generations in the land!

What’s in your hand? A story, a poem, a song? Sow it as you go low..

With laser focus you’ll follow through and see increase as you choose to sow!

“Eyes on Me, the pain of longing will ease as you see Me!” says the King of Glory.

Look how far you’ve come! NO longer a life of depravity, presence less, powerless and no real purpose! You’re not a sitting duck! The presence of God protects you and it’s his presence that sustains you making way for you pioneer! You are set apart dear!

Pioneer, with promises not yet seen, a perspective shift is here in the lean and in between!

As you wait you shall not be late! The right alignments are coming! Pioneers are breaking new ground with a NEW SOUND!

Faith sees and with patience you shall receive!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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