I hear the Spirit of God saying,

“I’ve given you courage and capacity to build relationships for eternity. Where there’s been a breach in the wall, I am mending all.”

Specifically, I believe this word is for those who have been burnt in relationships based on function. Those in working relationships in local houses where the house has shut for many reasons and there hasn’t been a succession plan. You’ve felt that your purpose, your calling has been left in no man’s land.

Those of you not clear what your purpose is in this season, I hear the Spirit of God saying,

“Take courage dear heart! You’ve been called out from the start. There’s been a preparation and process in play, I’ve got you this day.”

For those of you feeling relationally let down by friends who have played you, I hear the Spirit of God saying,

“Take courage dear heart, you are Won in Me and I see. I was protecting you and your heart.”

“Courage dear heart, trust Me with this thing, there’s an upgrade in your ring!-

Relationally for ministry, relationally for alignment, relationally for assignment.”

Everything in the Kingdom is worked through relationships! Courage dear heart!

I see a picture of someone picking up a guitar, stepping up. Sowing pain and blame and it melting away in Jesus name! It’s a beautiful picture as God is redeeming it in his name! I see you having the ability in God to understand that it’s not function that you relate one to one, it’s vertical in purpose and One for all..As you play chords on your guitar, I see a supernatural transfer taking place!

On the inside you’re standing tall! All for One and One for all!

“Courage dear heart, it’s the capacity to see ALL things in Me.”

Relationally, there’s upgrade for relationships in this now season and you’re going to hear the voice of God in new ways. In new heights and in new dimensions.

In past seasons where you heard the Spirit of God amid fight or flight, in a deep desire for stability, prolonged delay and insecurity in the day, in this now season it’s going to be in the pause you’re going to hear his voice as He pours..

You’re going to hear the Lord and you’re going to receive afresh the call.

It’s a time of acceleration as you come from a place of pause, as you pour it all out in worship you’re going to hear His voice anew. You will have gained strength and gain strength and gain mind-blowing momentum too..

The Lord is always with you!

“Courage dear heart!”

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