God sees you in your vulnerability! At the gate you won’t be late! With a grateful heart and an attitude of gratitude through faith you shall go! What you’re oiled for is your store! (provision in the vision).

Where you’ve experienced prolonged delay the monkey is off your back! You’re going to see restrictive situations and circumstances that have been prolonged give way!

Upgrade is upon you this day! In your finances, in your thinking and in the purposes of God as you start drinking! The well within, is full of provision! You’re going to see miracles make way!

Just as the widow who fed Elijah, many of you will see super on your natural as you sow! (1 Kings 17:7-16) As you SOW you will see blessings flow! First fruits look like something and it’s with the principles of God you shall flow!

In this now season, it’s time to see reprieve and retrieve from past seasons where you’ve sowed! We’re living in exciting times, but many have lost heart! Pounded on every side, the warfare has been intense, but the water level is rising! You’re going to see a release of fresh peace and discover the ability in God to make a demand with the presence of God in your SONG!

Injustice, past mistakes those who’ve lost homes and investments through religious strongholds, foolishness and pride shall see a release from strife! No longer shall you desire to die! The God of second and third chance is restoring you!

Those of you looking after elderly, those nursing young and the single mothers daily dealing with overwhelm are found in the Son. He has won! Miracles are God’s specialty and many of you shall experience double for your trouble and encounter mercy kisses and run! Strength is upon you!

Acceleration is upon you through rest! (trusting in the timing of the King). You’re going to experience excitement amid the test! With an attitude of sow and not entitlement you shall flow! With humility as you pursue his presence you shall see healing and flow!

Healing is flowing to those who’s expectation was tied to others. Where you’ve been let down, the Lord knows. Stolen inheritances, greed and theft, God knows. He’s quieting you with his love so you can go. It’s time for UPGRADE and a release from what’s held you in a stronghold in your thinking.

Forgiveness is a gift! Lack, self- hate, blame and pain is paid for in his Magnificent Name!!! Heaven’s got this and got YOU! Mercy miracles are YOURS to receive and sow!

Rightly divide the Word and hear what the Spirit of God is saying! Strength, encouragement, confirmation and witness are lining up for you with what’s been spoken over you! Your destiny is in his hand!

Pause in his presence, follow the cloud and not the crowd, it’s NOT over for you! Stay centred, don’t be distracted. Continue to listen as the Spirit of God is leading and strengthening you in this thing.

Those of you seeking upgrade in work, shall see miracles as you refuse to back down to the spirit of lack! Like the woman who suffered 12 years with blood flow, you too will press through seeing the power of God flow!! Faith is a supernatural force that lives in your heart!

It’s time to sow! Sow where you want to go. With the little that you have. Maybe it’s your 2%, your Terumah, that you sow? It was the widow who God choose to feed Elijah..

Elijah was fed and all her life she had bread!

Sow the pain! Expect miracles as you let go! No more blame! You’re worthy to receive because he first loved you, giving it all so you can flow! Seasons pass, you’re going to flow with fresh perspective and go! Acceleration is upon you as you sow/go!

Accept what God only can do and keep on keeping on as you live a quiet and simple life! (1 Thessalonians 4:11-12) At the gate you won’t be late! He is lining things up for you! Expect the Spirit of God to bring increase as He comes through for you in 2022.

At the gate you won’t be late!

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