I hear the Spirit of God singing over you,

“New waves of My glory are upon you bringing you into all things new! Fresh dew and renew is upon you! The beginnings of the new are upon you! Out with the old, no more residue! I’m bringing you into all things new! No longer will you hark back to the past, I’ve broken the glass! Victory is yours! Heaven at last! Fresh fire! Fresh desire! You’ve come out from the fire with not a cinder or smell of smoke! New beginnings are upon you! ”

The Devil is a liar, he is the joke! No residue of the past is upon you! The New Covenant is one of release! It’s an exchange of persons, unlike a contract that can be broken, you have been released to receive miracle power indeed!

The King of Glory sits on the mercy seat! Submission is learning how to receive! The advocate is here to help you! Holy Spirit’s wrap around presence is comforting you! Sustaining you! Keeping you! Hope is here for a new day!

You have a calling, you have a gift! Your purpose is to reveal treasure in earthen vessels!

“You have the capacity in Me,” says the King of Glory!

“I’m entrusting you with hearts and it’s with vulnerability and humility that you’ll see a demonstration of My power flowing through thee!”

“I’m giving you increase of favour, bringing connections to you! This is not the time for self pity. You know what to do, I have equipped you! My Spirit empowers you and you shall experience fresh dew coming upon you! Increase is upon you!”

Psalm 37:11 TPT

“The humble in heart will inherit every promise, and enjoy abundant peace.”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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