The fruitfulness of God in your life shall be seen! You are his queen! The Holy Spirit is your victory and miracles shall be seen!

I hear the Spirit of God saying,

“You’re going to see fruit produced by Me as you lean on Me in the in-between!”

Joy that overflows!
Peace that subdues!
Patience that endures!
Kindness in action!
A life full of virtue!
Faith that prevails!
Gentleness of heart and strength of spirit. (Galatians 5:22-23 TPT)

Spiritual fruit flows through who and who’s you are! You are One and mercy miracles shall come!

Twice this week, I’ve had 2 babies pointed out to me. As I was driving and praying, the Holy Spirit confirmed to me what he was saying through the study of Joseph’s life,

“You’re going to receive your Ephraim, ‘God has made you fruitful in the land of your suffering.’ And you’re going to receive your Manasseh, ‘God has made me forget all my troubles from my parental home.’ (Genesis 41:51-52 TPT) ”

Heavens’ decree over your dreams, desires and destiny is victory! Heaven is quietening you with his love and you’re going to see double for your trouble from above!

God has cleared the way and is making a way so you can enter in 2 by 2 in 2022. Into all things new! Your past is no longer on repeat! It’s not a time of retreat, but of excitement as your heart has a fresh beat! As you faithfully steward what’s in your hand, you’re going to see God give you the land! Your times are in his hand! All you’ve endured and been through is a drop in the ocean of what’s to come! Your best days are ahead!!

Joseph’s life is a metaphor for the Bride!

I hear the Spirit of God is saying,

“Faithful and true I’ve got you! There’s more in store for you! Productivity, increase, fresh seed and the capacity to steward My power and purpose 2 by 2 in 2022”

The breath of God is awakening the dreamer in you and you’re going to see a release from the sting of death! From offence and mis-guided and entitlement thinking, you friend are going to start drinking! The Spirit of God is filling the dry parched places with his presence and with his provision! You will never go hungry in the land! You will see increase upon you in your hand! Faithful and true is calling you! Come now and expect breakthrough!

The race of faith is not for the strong or the swift! Wisdom is with you! You’re going to come through and accelerate into the new as God is making a way and bringing 2 by 2 to you!

The anointing of God gives you the endurance and grit to not give up in what seems like a pit! Stay faithful with what’s in your hand. As you do, you’re going to see the Spirit of God breath upon you!

You carry his heart from the start and he’s removing every fiery dart! You’re going to experience a perspective shift so your thoughts don’t drift! Trust is a must! Joseph was faithful with what was in his hand and God gave him the land! There is more in store as you sow the pain, lay down blame. He’s got this and he’s got your yielded heart!

Wisdom is yours and it’s with wisdom from above that you’ll see heaven invade your land!

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