Many of you are going to experience a pause in the Son and see the rest of God as it is done! You’re going to see how far you’ve come, even though there’s more in store, you’re going to experience relaxation in the pause!

The inner swirling of your heart for more won’t cause you to be sore, it’s in the pause that you shall soar! You are on track friend! You haven’t missed it! You are on target! You are on time. In God’s timeline!

You’re going to see how far you’ve come even though there’s more in store. I see you pausing and letting out a sigh of relief experiencing reprieve with fresh dew resting upon you bringing you into the new this week as He connects with you!

Greater levels of peace you shall see and release from agitation and irritation from what’s sore. It’s the dew of heaven’s presence upon you! Strengthening and sustaining you, showing you how far you’ve come and how to soar!

“You are flying free in Me, says the King of Glory! Amid the hustle and bustle and the desire to build muscle, it’s in the pause that you shall do so much more!”

I see you reflecting as you pause. Saturated in his presence, thankful, grateful experiencing more!

Amazing grace, as you run heaven’s race, prolonged situations, what seems like oppression has not won the day! He’s won the race for you queen! You’ve already arrived, there’s a slip stream ahead for you to accelerate queen!

There’s a divine alignment as the Lord is working behind the scene for you! The dreams that have been birthed in past seasons shall be developed as the dark places have not won the day! The oppression and the depression which comes to cause what seems like delay is lifting this day! You’re going to see clear and breathe lightly dear!

In his presence as you lay it all down, all that is and all that you’ve seen will melt away in his arms queen. You’re going to experience fresh dew and see acceleration upon you!

Productivity is upon you and the glory shall be seen! You’re going to experience clarity as the fog is lifting! Heavens dew is upon you!

What Jesus has sown, you shall reap! It’s time to receive!

The gift of faith is yours and you shall see miracles knocking on your door! Your heart is going to skip a beat and the enemies you once faced no longer shall you meet!

The Spirit of God is taking you up higher as you pause! You’re going to see with eagle eyes and rise on his roar! Strong and courageous you are! No longer held back by the consequences of choices in this life, selfish desires and loss of heart, the Spirit of God is you door!

It’s time to soar! His love is breaking through the sore! It’s not over for you! No more going through the motions.

It’s time for MORE and as you PAUSE you shall soar on heavens’ roar!

Psalm 40:13

“Please Lord! Come quickly and rescue me! Take pleasure in showing me your favour and restore me!”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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