There’s an invitation into more in this season! You’re going to experience a release and reprieve from heartsore! It’s your time to soar! To reach heights you’ve only dreamed of before, no longer shall you be held back by heartbreak and what seems like fall. The King of Glory has you on his call!

It’s time to receive what you need as you lay down the seed. The way you perceived the call. The dreams, the desires and the fresh fire you shall see it all and more!

No longer shall you see fall, no longer shall you feel sore! It’s time to soar. Into all the King has destined and more! The betrayal, the two times over and all, he sees it all, but you SHALL stand tall.

In this new season, you’re going to feel brand new! Your heart is getting a fresh start and that’s all! Your’e going to feel invigorated, excited and expect more! You are a miracle magnet, you are favoured and that’s all! All you’ve known to date is just a taste of what’s on God’s plate! It’s time to celebrate! Even though it feels like nothing has changed and you’re living short changed, you’re going to experience breakthrough and lasting change!

YOU are needed! The next generation needs you! While you have breath in your lungs, you have a mandate and call! The Spirit of God is breathing on you, he’s calling you and he’s WITH you! Through it all. There is more. You’re not done, you’ve actually just begun! It’s time to run!

Expect delivery of what you need as you trade the sore. Trade the isolation, trade the injustice, trade the pain, trade the shackles and all the blame. It’s time to dance with destiny and see prison walls fall! You’re going to rise and not fall, He has been through it all. Like Paul and Silas you know you are called for more. The favour of God is with you and that’s all.

Joseph had a God favoured life and you have the same call! Faithful with little, Heaven is entrusting you with much. Joseph’s response to injustice was to let the favour of God lead. He knew the pain he endured had a purpose. He didn’t seek revenge. Favour will take you places you could not get to yourself.

Favour precedes you from above! God is love! He is not running out on you. He’s not forgotten you! He’s not sleeping on the job and walked out on you! He has sent his angels to watch over you and has set you up for success and is redeeming in all you put your hands to!

To precede means to come, be, or go before. It can mean to surpass in rank or dignity. The closely related work proceed means, “to continue after a pause” or to begin and carry on in action. Often precede is related to time while proceed is related to action.

You say, what’s the point?

You’ve stood on the mountain top only to be knocked down and almost run out of town! You’ve given up fighting the good fight of faith, but the Spirit of God is calling you son. It’s time to come. To lay it all down and receive more so you can once again soar. The next generation needs you. Mothers and fathers in the faith are what he’s calling and raising up! Nothing more.

He’s prepared and is preparing others to walk with you, be open to more. He’s strengthening your heart from what’s taken place and giving you a fresh start. You are favoured queen. Favour precedes rejection! It’s time to come up higher and receive it all!

A grass roots movement is coming through!

In authority, yielded to authority, released through authority!

God is bringing the right alignments to you, the next generation needs you! The remnant is coming through!

What Jesus has sown, you shall reap, just believe! It’s your time to receive as these prison walls are falling queen!

Genesis 39:22-23 TPT

“The warden put all the prisoners under Joseph’s care; he was placed in charge of all the prisoners and everything in the prison. The warden had no worries about the prison with Joseph in charge, because Yahweh’s presence was with Joseph and caused everything Joseph did to prosper.”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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