Those with evil desires that have schemed against you for your demise have not won the day!

You have demonstrated mercy and kindness amid injustices and the LORD has the last say!

Amid your humanity, mercy kisses have won the day!

The enemy, the LORD shall deal with and you shall slay!

It’s time now to expect retrieve and reprieve from prolonged process, today!

No longer shall you run and hide, your testimony shall be that of the LORD and his sword!

Your spiritual enemy has become his prey, you are adorned with victory this day!

You are a symbol of victory! Of high rank, you are flanked! God is bringing tanks! (high capacity men and women- prayer warriors, advocates, those who carry mercy and justice!)

The prolonged opposition that has come against you has come to a close! It’s time to wear new clothes! Robed up, you shall know!

It’s time to retrieve fresh seed! You’re going to see release! Fresh peace!

You reign supreme, humility leads you all the way! Mercy kisses are upon you indeed!

The holds ups, the block ups, the stop ups, no longer shall you know! It’s green for go!

It’s time to receive double for your trouble and flow!

June, July and August you shall stand tall, mercy kisses fall!

Retribution, retrieval and double for trouble, you shall see it all!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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