You’re going to experience acceleration and breakthrough in the second half of 2022.

Where there’s been muzzle and trouble, now you shall see double! The last 18 months have been intense for many to say the least, but the LORD has raised up a standard FOR you! There’s a backlog of provision for the vision and many of you are going to see reprieve and retrieve where there’s been a tight squeeze!


Your heart is postured to the truth, HE has come through! You’re going to see the outworking of his power all around you! In your personal life, in your ministry, in all that you’ve been called to do. Faith works!

You have not burst! It’s time to wine and dine! It’s time to experience breakthrough upon breakthrough! This is your time and YOU are next in line! All you’ve processed and pressed through, JEHOVAH- NISSI (The Lord our banner) has been with you! In the mud and in the muck, he’s carried you! In the prolonged pain he’s comforted you. In the dark night, he’s shielded you. FAITHFUL AND TRUE, with you!

NOW is your time, NOW is the hour! You shall experience breakthrough power! In the dark you’ve been exposed, you’ve demonstrated integrity and faithfulness amid injustice! Favour has won! Your dependance on God has shone through! Faithful and true, you’ve come through bringing others with you! Many shall turn on their heels and run to the Son and come! Hearts won! Hearts undone, MANY shall come!

Beautiful bruised feet, you shall now experience healing! Where you’ve danced on injustice with bloodied and brusied feet, the fatigue and muscle tension on your feet shall be healed. Bloodied and bruised, God is giving you new shoes! You’re going to see refreshing rain and a release from the journey’s pain. “What a beautiful sight to behold, the precious feet of the messenger coming over the mountains to announce Good News.” (Romans 10:15). We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed, persecuted, but not abandoned, struck down, but not destroyed!

In the latter part of 2022 you shall experience renewal! You’re going to be energised, revived and you shall thrive! There’s a setting up in this period of time, for the increase to come! DO NOT FEAR! God is here! Do not hold back or lead out with caution or delay, or a sense of fear of what’s next this day?

This is your time, this is your hour. It’s green for go and the LORD has sent his angels to protect you! You’re protected as you harvest the fields. You are surrounded as you lead out with His voice! He adds increase! You are seen, you are heard and his presence sustains you all the way! The enemy can’t touch you! 4444, The lion, the lamb, the ox and the man! You shall see the ram! You’re going to experience acceleration and breakthrough upon breakthrough in the second half of 2022.

Isaiah 52:1-3 TPT

“Wake up! Open your eyes! Beautiful Zion, put on your majestic strength! Jerusalem, the sacred city, put on your glory garments! Never again will the unclean enter your gates! Arise and shake off your dust! Sit enthroned Jerusalem! Break off your shackles of bondage from your neck, you captive daughter of Zion! For this is what Yahweh has to say; “You were sold for nothing; now you will be redeemed without any payment.”

Footnotes- We shake off (overcome) the ‘dust’ of our old life and rise up in our new life, enthroned with Jesus Christ.

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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