I hear the Spirit of God saying,

“You’re going to see clear and not be afraid of the bear! Those stocks you lost, shall not be your fox! “You are in the vine, I have the dime and you are mine,” says the King of Glory.

“You are not late! I Am great, and I am with you amid the storm! My Song is leading you on this day! Provision is in my presence this day! As you hold the line, you’re going to see the dime! You’re going to see the provision in My timeline and the backlog of what you need in your line!”

Heaven’s shout is called VICTORY dear! You shall see clear! You shall go and you shall flow! From the years gone by, it’s not going to be a sty in your eye. His song is here amid the day and he’s comforting you along the way!

“Fresh peace! My peace is your portion and it’s time to step out with peace this day! ”

Upgrade not delay! Upgrade in store and divine connections galore. One door shall lead to more! Peace will sustain you in greater levels as you hold the line this week.

There’s an acceleration upon many this day! There’s an acceleration to monetise the blueprint that God has given you this day! Increase is ahead for you in this season indeed! You are on track, target and on time! You shall see the dime! There’s upgrade along the way! The presence of God is sustaining you on the way!

The Spirit of God is lifting you up in his song, comforting you all along. It’s time to soar, amid the sore. Where there’s been cut off and rejection and a protection. ACCEPTED IN THE BELOVED has won the day! Come and drink from the well which is not dry! Come and wipe the sty from your eye! You’re going to experience the love of God and fly!


“It’s time to go back to the blueprints and don’t question and doubt! Stand tall and see an increase of the anointing and release of seed this week! There’s an upgrade upon you this day! I want to you expect big! I want you to dream big! I want you to trust Me. There’s been allot of skirmishes in your mind, you’re going to see Kingdom reality in your line. “

“I promise to keep you, to bless you and to lead you in My presence which is your portion in your line.”

You’re going to eat the bakery, not just crumbs or cake! Expect MORE! Not downgrade as God is bringing you upgrade! Upgrade is upon you and your family line! 2 by 2 in Heaven’s song! You children’s children shall be blessed as he’s leading you in his song! You’re going to experience the Spirit of God in the quiet as you hear his song. He’s quietening you with his love this day, he’s comforting you as you’re led out this day!

You’re going to break through with a breaker anointing in 2022 and lead out in heaven’s shout! It’s time to receive and re-read Heaven’s blueprints and stand in heaven’s victory shout! Divine alignment as the Spirit of God is leading you all along. Lean into process and let your feet dig deep into the reservoir of his peace. You’re going to be blown away at how every detail comes together as you keep moving forward amid process this week. With meekness, you shall eat something sweet!

“Keep your eyes fixed on Me, says the King of Glory. I have increase for you! I have led you out to lead you in!”

The presence of God is sustaining you along the way. Heaven has won and is making a way! Faithful and true is not running on you! You’re not a failure, you’re not a fraud! You belong to the LORD!

You shall see increase, upgrade and 2 by 2!

Jeremiah 29:11-12

“For I know the thoughts I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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