Love has suffered long and disarmed! You are free to go, free to be, because of Calvary! What we deserved he bore, so we can soar on his roar!!

“You are won in Me”, says the King of Glory. Leave your neighbour, your brother and come to Me. Come now and walk in the cool of day with Me. I desire you to walk with Me, not with confusion, it’s Peace you find in Me. My burden is light! Daughter, son, you are free in Me.”

Can you see that you are innocent queen? You are clean!

As a minister who in past days has experienced the agony of betrayal, misunderstanding and being falsely judged, I want to apologise to you! You’ve been treated by other leaders without love. Maybe you’ve been side stepped, shunned or treated like a leper? A quitter or a divisive son? It’s extraordinary pain, but God says,

“Don’t dawdle, don’t dwindle, RUN! Come! It is done. I’ve been through it all, so you can stand tall. I give you the capacity to lay it down and stand through it all!”

Friend, God has seen and he wipes your tears clean! You are free to be queen. You are not responsible to carry false burdens, let it go and come! You’re going to get your second, third and forth wind! Jesus crossed the road for you friend, he sees and that’s all you need. Your Good Samaritan has come! He’s bringing you the right connections and facilitating what you need!

“You don’t have to take on false burdens, what other’s deem you to be, you are free in Me,” says the King of Glory!

YOU are responsible to believe! To walk free and receive! There is provision for the vision, for your family and all that you need as you eat in your thinking from the right tree. (mind of Christ in the tree of life- not the tree of good and evil where there’s strife)

What you believe you are worthy to receive you shall see! Second best isn’t it! The best is what’s best! Come up higher and receive the confidence that you need! You shall see you are worthy to receive! Clarity is yours! Love has bore all that makes you sore! Let it go, now you shall soar!!!

“You are won in Me, says the King of Glory! No longer shackled to lack and disparity! Come now, fly with ME and miracles you shall see! Intimacy, Spirit and Truth and a truce!”

You are set free from captivity! One who believes and one who shall receive! God has made a way and is making a way. Simply walk forward, step up and with faith and patience and you shall receive!

Isaiah 53:9 NKJV

“They gave him a grave among criminals, but he ended up instead in a rich man’s tomb, although he had done no violence nor spoken deceitfully.”

Footnotes from translator-

The literal Hebrew is “and with the rich in his deaths (plural).” His death is our death too, for we have been co-crucified with Christ (Gal 2:20). Jesus was born from a virgin womb and laid in a virgin tomb.

You are FREE!

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