Amid the hurry and flurry and busy world we live in, he is present! You’re going to see the presence of God meet you in the middle and be your present! Right where you are today, you are seen and shall receive!

Jesus crossed the road for you friend. He wasn’t too focused on his ‘ministry’ to stop for the one. He wasn’t high minded, he was lowly and stopped for the one! He paused in his Fathers’ presence and was one!

You are not a worker bee friend, you are seen! You are his queen. Where you’ve felt unseen, unqualified by circumstances, caught up in the hurry and flurry of life on earth, know that you are found in the in-between!

The presence of God is here to stay. Not in a hurry, not passing you by this day. You are one in the Son and won! It’s time to come. To lay aside distractions and comparison and destiny robbers making you feel less than other’s! Grace has won!

Your story is unique. Your journey is you! He is faithful and he is true and he’s crossed the road for YOU!!

You shall see 2 by 2 in 2022!

Luke 10:35 TPT footnotes; Jesus is the Good Samaritan. He stoops down to touch us, heal us, lift us up, carry us on our journey, and pay our debts, and he promises to return and reward those who do his will.

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