Friend, you are enough. You’re designed to carry the glory not tough stuff!

Maybe you had snot on your nose and were a feisty kid? Maybe you were left amid that divorce when your loved ones were dealing with their own trauma and tough stuff? Maybe you left your kids and you’ve never given it up? (shame, guilt, pain)

Whatever it is you’re carrying, the burden doesn’t have to be rough. You can hand it over and receive reprieve and see miracles indeed! Mercy sees!

You’ll be blown away as you receive. All you’ve walked through in this life has prepared you for what’s ahead indeed!

You’re designed to carry the glory, the presence of unfailing love! Your pain is all glory in his name and your tragedy becomes triumph! You are apart of God’s family queen!

You’re going to see divine reveals and no longer rehersals as you hand over the keys! Your heart is FREE! Can you see? Mercy kisses indeed! The kiss of death is not your seed! You came through your family, not from them.

You are ONE with the incorruptible seed!

Friend, you are unique! One whose life is meek! You’re not weak! You’re not unseen! You are not overlooked, it’s your time queen!

It’s time to come BOLDLY and receive reprieve and retrieve!

I see many of you as UNIQUE harvesters indeed! You’re Daddy’s queens and he’s given you sheaths and specific harvesting tools indeed.

Like none other, you are MARVELLOUS queen! A great dispenser of light! Glorious in his sight!

One who receives!

The mess you’ve walked through has become a test bed of miracles indeed! You are chosen, watched over, loved indeed!

It’s time for upgrade and you shall receive!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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