I hear the Spirit of God whisper,

“It’s all a set up for your victory, can you see? Everything you’ve been through has brought you closer to Me! You walk in My Victory!”

“House of honey, provision you shall see! What you thought was rejection was My protection. I want you to draw deep and grow strong! Your life is in Me and you walk in My victory! House of honey, you belong to Me!”

“Every door that’s shut has led you to Me! Every evil scheme and evil arrow has launched you further into destiny! You are unstoppable love, forgiven in Me. The Gift of forgiveness is found in Me and it’s how you outrun your spiritual enemy!” (Luke 7:47)

“House of honey, miracles you shall see! My eye is on the sparrow and I see! Every dead end leads to Me. My presence is your victory!”

“The pain, the losses and the waves that have caused you to be tossed have led you to Me. My right hand plucks you out of the waves and I calm the sea! Daughter, son, you walk in My victory! Honey you shall see! You are planted firmly in Me!”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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