A very dear friend sent me a card in the mail yesterday and the words below are what I read.. This is Heaven’s decree over us ALL in this season! It’s rubber stamped as we travel together into our promised lands!

“I saw you sitting at the gates of a city, clothed with great strength and much dignity! And you were LAUGHING in the face of adversity, laughing at the scorners, laughing at those who said it couldn’t be done!

Laughing uncontrollably! Big belly laughs!

GOD is your shield, your portion, your refuge and your strength! Your strong tower! It’s his wrap-around presence all over you!

Exceedingly more than you could have ever asked or imagined is coming for you and then some!!”

Be encouraged friend, it may be unfamiliar and everything comfortable shaken, but you are firmly planted and miracles shall come!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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