All you’ve walked through to date is not in vain! What’s come against you has been the very making of you! It’s led you to dig deep and not retreat! It’s given you confidence from on high and you’ve seen and continue to see miracles where it’s dry!

You’re one who’s trusted with hearts from on high. A sty in the eye of the enemy, one who takes out enemy arrows with your disarming attitude! You’re a seasoned campaigner, not a one line empty container!

You’ve counted the cost and the river of life runs through you! Mercy’s kiss is upon your lips and you’re going to experience fresh dew! All that came against you is because of the light of God in and upon you!

You shine bright and release others from the dark knight! Mercy’s kiss is upon your lips and you deposit the honey of heaven to those who’s hope is dashed on the rocks! You’re one who pierces through the darkness and that which presents itself as light and is founded on pride! Not what’s right.

The enemy came to annihilate you, but God’s power resurrected you! The blood of the Lamb protects you! Don’t worry about a thing, you wear his signet ring! You shall bind up broken hearts and give other’s a fresh ring! You’re a pioneer dear. One who knows how to strengthen themselves in God and draw near!

Wisdom from above is upon you and it’s full of love! As you draw JOY from the well of salvation, many shall be made well!
Many will taste and see as you carry the torch of mercy and set captives free!

God is restoring what’s been stolen as the enemy has worked overtime to destroy you and your destiny! Jesus knows, He sees and He’s given you reprieve! He defends and gives strength to the weak! You are set apart from the start to carry and deposit his heart! You shall run and not grow weary!

Momentum, stability and longevity! These three you shall see!
Help is on the way and longevity of life is upon you this day!

“Your soul pain, give it all to me, says the King of Glory. I will deal with your spiritual enemy. My love is upon you and I’m strengthening your heart this day.”

Mercy’s kiss is upon your lips! Truth shall outrun the lies of the enemy!

Psalm 85:9-11 TPT

“For I know your power and presence shines on all your lovers. Your glory always hovers over all those who bow low before you. Your mercy and your truth have married each other. Your righteousness and peace have kissed. Flowers of your faithfulness are blooming on the earth. Righteousness shines down from the sky.”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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