You’re going to receive fresh oil in this season to run with fire! The oil on your life for other’s and the oil on your life for you!

What’s FOR YOU is due!

You’re going to experience fresh dew upon you. Fresh oil in your wheels so you can go! The ability to flow! You’re going to have the capacity to go, to move at speed!

The God of yesterday is the same today and is here for you tomorrow. You’re going to experience fresh oil on your personal life in 2022.

You’re a champion, one who’s been preserved! You’ve helped many on the edge of a cliff amid your own pain! Now, it’s time for your personal gain! To experience fresh rain! To experience breakthrough for your personal life in Jesus name. Your best days are ahead! You’re going to experience freshly flowing oil in 2022 and experience gain!

I hear the Spirit of God whisper,

“Where you’ve experienced personal loss for My name, you’re going to see great gain!”

Many have found themselves lumped with unfair consequences of choices made, but God is making a way!

You’re going to get a perspective shift and experience fresh oil in your personal life experiencing a fresh flow in 2022 as the breath of God blows!!

Psalm 92:10-12 TPT

“Your anointing has made me strong and mighty, You’ve empowered my life for triumph by pouring fresh oil over me. You’ve said that those lying in wait to pounce on me would be defeated, and now it’s happened right in front of my eyes, and I’ve heard their cries of surrender! Yes! Look how you’ve made all your devoted lovers to flourish like palm trees, each one growing in victory, standing with strength.”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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