You’re going to see personal and corporate breakthrough in 2022!

You’re going to see a turning of heads and a turning of hearts and what GOD only can do in and through you!

Don’t loose heart, you’re getting your fresh start!

Where some will choose to give up the ‘ghost’ and say, “It’s toast! My dreams are long gone and I’m too far gone!” YOU’RE going to see breakthrough upon breakthrough AND BRING THESE ONES THROUGH because you held onto what GOD has said and refused to give up in 2022!

These ones will soon turn on their heels and come quickly! No longer will it be an attitude of, “What’s in it for me? Many will shout from the rooftops saying,


You’ve dug wells, you’ve stood strong! The Power of God is breathing on your song!

It’s time to EXPECT BIG and to experience a suddenly, it shall be quick!

God won’t be mocked! A man reaps what he sows! But there’s a higher level of TRUTH coming through! MERCY TRIUMPHS when man fails and doesn’t stay true! Many of you have prayer warriors around you. They hold you in prayer, they tarry until it’s ALL CLEAR!

The provision and favor you see on your life is a sign of his faithfulness and goodness FOR YOU! You are blessed, you are set apart and there’s much more coming your way from the start.

It’s time to take stock, to TAKE HEART!

It’s your fresh start! All things new are upon you! You’re a well oiled machine and you’re up for the part! It’s time to TAKE HEART!

The Spirit of God is wooing you! It’s time to step up to the plate, you shall not be late! Many of you are high capacity, you’re built for the ‘fight.’ You’ve seen the faithfulness of God in your life, You’ve walked in power through humility and it’s not been sour.

Now is the time for fresh wine, it’s time to dine. To come and RECEIVE what you need in this NEW SEASON OF NOT YET SEEN. You’re going to see acceleration as you do and enter into all things new. New teams, new partnerships, and all things new! It is NOT over for you! Don’t loose heart, TAKE HEART you’re going to get a fresh start in 2022!

Fresh fire, fresh desire is upon you!
You are seen, you are loved, you a chosen, you are enough! Take heart, Daddy’s got you!

2 Corinthians 4:7-9 TPT

Treasure in Clay Jars

We are like common jars that carry this glorious treasure within, so that this immeasurable power will be seen as God’s, not ours. Though we experience every kind of pressure, we’re not crushed. At times we don’t know what to do, but quitting is not an option. We are persecuted by others, but God has not forsaken us. We may be knocked down but not out.”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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