Leaders that have lost heart and pivoted through the pandemic out of exhaustion, lack of seed and sadness, The bread of life draws you in! (Intercessors, pastors, online teachers, 5 fold and market place ministries)

There’s fresh JOY coming upon you as you repent from your own understanding and allow the humility of the power of God’s strength to invigorate, recharge and re-fire you! You’re faithful and true, one who’s been preserved and brought through! You’ve done nothing wrong, faith has positioned you! It’s been weary and it’s been teary, but the LORD has commissioned and called you! You’re not done yet! Destiny’s are attached to your obedience! Your heart is pure, you are a champion of the King’s presence and his power is breaking through for you!

Where many are disillusioned and have no presence or power, you are called from on high! In decades prior you stepped into your call after much preparation and this is part of your journey! You have toiled faithfully in the field of ministry life! The Faithful One has been with you every step there. Faithful and True he’s poured his glory and grace upon and through you!

You are being called to step up and receive a fresh commissioning this day! You’ve berated yourself over you weakness to micro manage, but God is saying,

“Well done son!”

You wear many crowns and it’s time to receive a fresh commission and come! A pause is powerful! It’s not the end of the road though. You are not done yet! It’s not over! Souls will come! Destiny’s are attached to your obedience! It’s time to step up as refreshing has come! Fresh fire, fresh desire and all you need shall come! Presence, power, seed, and souls indeed!

I was reminded of Pontius Pilot this week, as I heard the Spirit of God sharing his heart for you with me. (Matthew 27)
Pilot was an unprincipled achiever who sacrificed what was right to accomplish his own selfish goals. Friend, the politicians don’t have the answers! YOU do! The world and the Church need your YES! You are Heaven’s BEST! It’s time to step up again and receive RESET AND REST! Rest from your own sense of failure and defeat. Fear shall not conquer you! Love has won! You CAN come!

It’s a warning signal that God is giving you. Your heart is not satisfied anywhere else, but in his presence which is your best! You are called, oiled, mantled to LEAD! You lead out as a worshiper that brings the Majesty of Heaven to those who need reprieve. His heart is yours! His song is yours! Your mouth and your lips, shall once again decree the TRUTH indeed! It’s time to believe! To let go of self pity and the MANY lies the enemy has berated you with! Choose this day who you’re going to serve.

I hear the Spirit of God saying,

“You’re not responsible for those who choose not to follow Me. Protect and preserve! Your energy, your thoughts are Mine, says the King of Glory. Boundaries! Use them. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in another man’s battle and take you out. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE! The Bread of LIFE is setting you free from strife!”


I had a dream this week of honey bees. At the supermarket bees were there to purchase. I brought them home and they nested in 2 breadboxes on my microwave. Within a day the kitchen was full of honey bees and honey was dripping everywhere!

Honey represents healing in the house and provision for the vision. The BREAD of life is with you!

Matthew 1:23 TPT “Listen! A virgin will be pregnant, she will give birth to a Son, and he will be known as “Emmanuel,” which means in Hebrew, “God became one of us.”

Matthew 2:1 TPT “Jesus was born in Bethlehem, near Jerusalem during the reign of King Herod.(Please read Chapter 2 to get the message and confidence that God will come through for you as he has done for all men who follow Him.)

Footnotes from translator- Bethlehem, means “house of bread,” the prophesied birthplace of Messiah. However, the Hebrew word lehem can also mean ‘fighters’. Jesus was born in “the house of Fighters!” This is the city of David, one of the greatest fighters in the entire Bible. Perhaps this is why the people of Jesus’ day expected him to fight the Romans and free their land from foreign occupation. Jesus fulfilled both aspects of the meaning of Bethlehem in Gethsemane and on the cross, where he fought the “Goliath” of our souls and won, becoming Bread for the world.

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