You’re going to see God appointments in your personal, work and ministry relationships. It’s time. Breakthrough is upon you! You wear many medals from past battles but in this leg of your journey you shall see increase of peace, greater discernment and double INCREASE. Your time has come, you march to the sound of Heaven’s drum! Miracles breakthrough, you’re walking into ALL THINGS NEW.

In the wait, you shall not be late but find great! There’s allot going on behind the scene and you are going to get the all clear. In the waiting you shall not want. You’ve been given your hearts desire and shall experience fresh fire! There’s grace in the wait. The anointing on you is enough.

Where the plans of man haven’t gone to plan, God’s love has you in his span! You walk hand in hand and the eternal eclipses man’s timespan! He’s never going to leave you, nor forsake you! The timeline of your life is fragrant, you are his rose not one to impose.

Your life is full of promise, promotion and the past is closed. The presence of God has brought you here because you are his DIAMOND. His dispenser of LIGHT. Miracles breakthrough, you’re walking into ALL THINGS NEW.

In the haze of the wait that’s seemed like eternity, know this- you are not late! Your alabaster jar is poured out! You carry the fragrance and signature of the King! You are a fragrant offering, a living epistle, one who’s given the King everything!

You wear his signet ring! Mercy’s kiss on your lips you bring!

In the wait, in the worship and in the in-between you have gained weight, as you’ve walked with the Great! You are known and you are seen and you know how to glean. How to wait and how to lay down and receive mercy’s kiss in the in-between. This is your love offering. This is your signet ring, your heart of worship that brings him in.

Laser focus has extinguished the locusts! Lack is behind your back! No longer shall you be intimidated by the lean and in-between! The Spirit of God is bringing you two by two! The longings of your heart shall be filled! False burdens, unhealthy attachments and the things which have been drawn to the light, but are not for you shall no longer have a hold on you! You’re a fire starter, one who’s eyes are on the prize!

Mercy protects you! From yourself, from your eagerness to reach those who want what you have but attach from a place of insecurity and not stability. You are a leader who knows how to demonstrate Kingdom reality. You reveal the Father heart to man. One who’s wits are about them. You are a Gideon.

The wounds of the past battles, have been dealt with. You’ve done the hard yards and allowed deep healing to take place. The scab has formed and dried, new skin has grown and the memory does not hold on. You are free to decree and follow the trumpet into the next leg of your journey!

Eternity bells are ringing! You’ve come through the dark season of sorrow. The barren winter is gone. A trooper, you shall now see two by two! Upgrade is upon you! There’s an elevation and promotion is here for you. Soldier, you have accelerated through the ranks and the General is calling you to freshly commission you!

You are commissioned from on high with his blood written name carved on his thigh! Jesus is your ride or die! It’s time now for double increase! In your relationships, in your work, in your family and in your ministry relationships too!


Prophetic Book of Poetry

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