In a dream this week, I saw impossible become possible! The Holy Spirit was showing me how he wants us to DECREE as Heaven sees so we can tap into miracle power in this hour!

The gift of faith contains supernatural power, provision and peace! 1 Corinthians 12:9c TPT “And to another, the same Spirit gives the gift of faith.” Translator note- This is the supernatural power of faith released in a believer to do the miracle works of God on the earth.

The Spirit of God wants us to get excited! Expectation is a breeding ground for miracle power to flower! The Atmosphere is pregnant with possible and the spirit of God is brooding over us to release the good things he has for us in this hour !

The heart and energy to dream again! Relationships, finances, health, housing! God IS releasing the provision and all that we need! Even though the wait has been long and there’s been blockages and enemy attacks, He wants us to look to HIM and TRUST HIM through the lean and in-between.

Where the enemy has come to steal and kill and destroy and rob our joy, the LORD has the final say and he’s got the breakthrough in the pipeline that we need! The keys that he’s given us are timeless! He wants us to DECREE as Heaven sees and MIRACLES we shall see! Keep worshipping him in spirit and truth! He’s a GOOD FATHER and he’s got UPGRADE and MERCY MIRACLES IN STORE!

This word is specific to those who have been trying to move forward with their lives with intention and have hit roadblock after roadblock.

If you’ve ever come to a physical roadblock, it can be a very challenging time. In some countries, you have to bring out all your paperwork and wait and wait and wait until the officials open the gate and wave you through. In some instances, you are told you cannot go through. You have to turn your vehicle around and go the alternative route. An earthquake may have knocked the road out, a dictator may be ruling a border and territory and foreigners may not be allowed through? The road ahead may be under construction? There are many reasons for roadblocks and why you can’t move through.

Amid the weary and teary and the emotional exhaustion the LORD is with you! He sees the frustration and injustice’s you’ve experienced from evil too! He’s got you, he’s got your heart and faith is holding onto you! You SHALL navigate safely through!

I heard the word meglodon as I was praying earlier too. I had no idea what the word meant until I researched it and it confirms what the Spirit of God is showing us to do!

A meglodon is an extinct shark. In the spiritual I believe it’s a two fold metaphor;

The religious spirit is a dead spirit that’s not connected to God and it wants to eat you up while you are bleeding! If you’re ever ‘bleeding’ in life you don’t want to be around a religious spirit! They will eat you for lunch! It’s negative, doubts, is suspicious, cautious, cynical, puts you down and has no hope or life or faith attached to it.

However, as we walk in the Spirit we are a powerful meglodon!
A meglodon is a powerful threshing instrument, with teeth new and sharp!

Isaiah 41:15 TPT “I am making you into a powerful threshing instrument, with teeth new and sharp! You will reduce hills to chaff and crush mountains to dust!”

The Spirit of God has given us keys to defeat doubt, fear and unbelief!

We see in Acts 7 the story of Stephen’s sermon and his appeal to the religious leaders of the day to, “Come follow The Way.”

Acts 7:54-55 TPT

“When they heard these things they were overtaken with violent rage filling their souls and they gnashed their teeth at him. But Stephen, overtaken with great faith was full of the Holy Spirit. He fixed his gaze into the heavenly realm and saw the glory and splendour of God- and Jesus, who stood up at the right hand of God.”
Translator note- Or the owner of two mouths. The Word of God is like a two-mouthed sword.

God has positioned and blessed us to SUCCEED! Do not grow weary in the wait! Don’t let doubt, fear and unbelief steal your HOPE! You are going to see breakthrough! You have seen the face of God and those who oppose you will no longer intimidate you!

It’s time to STAY the COURSE, follow the cloud and not the crowd! TRUST the faithfulness of God in the lean and in-between! DECREE the Word of God with expectation and excitement!

You’re going to see partnerships of trust! See financial release! You’re going to get your MERCY miracle and not eat dust!

You may not feel like it, you may not see it, but FAITH is working in this hour! The invitation is to DECREE as Heaven sees in the in-between!

Miracles shall be seen! It’s time to BELIEVE, you shall receive!

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