There’s two specific reasons why I have remained plugged in as a minister through the divorce process. Before I share these reasons, I will say this: I sought out incredible professional support for myself throughout my 4 year divorce process. This help gave me the tools in my toolbox to sit with and process thoughts and feelings and to unlearn and learn new ways of thinking and behaving. I was blessed with an incredible support team of professional counsellors and mentors through this guttural process.

The first reason, I stayed plugged into the presence and power of God and continued ministering though incredible personal pain was because I wanted the MANY of you out there who have experienced deep wounding and shame from the Church to know you are loved, not forgotten, defective but are seen! God gave me the courage to hold hands and stand alongside with you!

The second reason is because of theology. Jesus taught us a very powerful truth about green for go. Pause in his presence and let the rest flow. If we sit and wallow we can get swallowed up! It’s always green for go in God. All of life is Plan A. HE qualifies us, not us! “It’s not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,” says the Lord.

Staying plugged in, writing my fire to purpose course, coaching and working with students all over the globe has given me a sense of purpose through this process too. It’s empowered and strengthened me to keep running my race at Heaven’s pace. To sow the pain in Jesus name. To love upon those who’ve experienced brokenhearted and loss too.

The Spirit of God is brooding over MANY in this season we are in! Many of you have felt like treason! You have felt left out, left alone, side lined, looked down upon. Some have crossed the road on your journey and kept walking. I remember this all to well. Respected and revered ministers dropping like fly’s off my social media pages, messenger box messages going un-read. The silent treatment, people taking a ‘wide birth’.

Fear does that. Worried they may catch your cold. It’s easy to label, blame, assume and pin shame. I knew it was going to be the end of many so called relationships of stability for me, because I had seen it over the decades. Divorce polarises. It’s a dirty word in the Church. A Scarlett letter. A sense of failure, quitter, defeat.

I have held the hands of some amazing women (and men) over the last 4 and a half years. Helping them through. Giving them hope for a better day too! It continues to be my privilege and honour to walk hand in hand with many of you. The honey of heaven breaking us through into ALL THINGS NEW!

Miracle upon miracle, like precept upon precept! MERCY enveloping you!

Be encouraged friend! Many of you have endured life saving divorces! You have come through tried, tested and true because GOD IS WITH YOU! The woman at the well, she was known well. You felt trapped, tricked, manipulated, but the LORD has the last word, and HIS LOVE IS NEVER RUNING OUT ON YOU!

To those of you like me, who’s post divorce journey hasn’t been easy. It’s been prolonged, and it’s been painful, I want to encourage you! You shall see the goodness of God in the land of the living! You shall see a divine turnaround!!! GOD HAS THE LAST WORD!

I had a very profound encounter with the Spirit of God earlier this week. He wants us to lift our eyes, lift our expectations, hold the line, because love is holding onto you! It’s not time to have a knee jerk reaction, to pivot in your own strength- although God loves a trier, he wants us to stay in our lanes, to stay the course, to hold the line because he’s making a new way forward. He’s calling that which was not to be. You shall see financial release! You shall see intimacy! You shall see reversal of the things stolen from the enemy! You shall see double for your trouble and enter into the goodness of God in the land of the living!


Watch and see as GOD ALMIGHTY has got you as you run your marathon and have fun!

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