You are royalty and you have destiny! As you wait with expectation you shall see the victory! The one who has the courage and the heart to stand alongside of you shall come! You are not a clown but one who wears a crown! God has the last say and he has made a way! You shall see your breakthrough as you continue to wait!

Waiting is hard, if all you hear is your doubt and the enemy’s laugh! A queen wears a crown, she is not a clown. A king stands tall alongside her and that my friend, shall be all!

To everyone who feels like your life is on hold, who feels like circumstances and situations you’ve faced have made you stall, you are seen. You are heard. And you shall inherit God’s promises as you tap into the supernatural life of Grace and see a demonstration of the Spirit of God in your time and space!

Don’t loose heart, you’ve done the hard yards and you’re not absurd!

You’re one who’s won many battles head on, you’re a trooper, an SAS soldier through and through! The Spirit of GOD is with you! You are a sniper who takes out enemy lies with the TRUTH!

God has given you long range and you shall see two by two! The tactic of the enemy is to isolate and break you down to take you out! But God has given you eyes to see, ears to hear and the courage to walk through into the unseen!


Faith and Patience are your weapons of war! You are royalty and you shall see a fulfilment of your destiny!

God is with you through the sands of time. As process’s take place and you feel like you’re out of time and space, that’s when patience has its perfect place.

Patience is to wait eagerly! To trust the process. The timing for the right alignment(s) for your God assignment!

The deck is cleared, you’ve come through this year! The path ahead is clear and it’s a NEW year! A NEW decade. “A NEW book to add to your legacy, dear!”

God is with you! In the inbetween and feeling not seen. You’re going to see breakthrough and all things new as GOD brings a king to stand alongside of you!

A queen and king know their value! They walk in valour, full of courage as heirs of intimacy receiving the promises that are eternal as they stand together as two! It shall be the same for me and for you!!


Hebrews 6:12 TPT

“So don’t allow your hearts to grow dull* or lose your enthusiasm, but follow the example of those who fully received what God has promised* because of their strong faith and endurance*.”

Footnotes from Translator:

*The Greek word for dull of heart is nothros which is taken from the root word meaning illegitimate child. The implication is that we don’t see ourselves as a child of illegitimacy, but as a child of intimacy, and that keeps our relationship fervent and passionate.
*The Aramaic can be translated “to those who were heirs of the royal proclamation.”
*The Aramaic can be translated “because of their faith and the outpouring of the Spirit.”

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