To go together well or fit together closely
To want to be in a covenant
To prefer the other person as equal
To respect different tastes
To be honest when triggered and get help when needed
To step up when the going gets tough and not bail or blame when things get rough
To deal with entitlement mentality before meshing
To be quick to apologise
To do the inner work when faced with roadblocks
To give space at times to the other person and breath
To be swift like a gazelle to adjust when faced with un-planned or unforeseen circumstances
To encourage yourself and continue to grow
To be honest before meshing about what you want
To accept that you can’t change someone, but yourself
To embrace your own preferences and not put them on the other person in the relationship
To build up and not tear down
To encourage and strengthen
To accept differences that are not your own
To love yourself first so you can love your spouse too
To build a life together that’s a solid foundation based on trust and love
What MESH is not
To grind someone to stone
To force your will and way
To use coercive control to usurp free will
To use the deepest fears and insecurities of the other person against them to keep them small
To isolate, discriminate, breakdown
May be an image of outdoors and brick wall
Dana Jarvis, Amie Rogers and 5 others


Prophetic Book of Poetry

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